The Problem & The Solution



The Problem:

  • There are an estimated 10,000 individuals discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life in the US annually
  • 42% are blocked from pursuing this call due to education loans*
  • The average vocational ‘aspirant’ in Labouré owes $60,000 in education loans
  • Most religious communities cannot assume this debt
  • Most dioceses will allow some debt but have a limited threshold for acceptance

*(NRVC, Vision Study, 2010)


The Solution: The Labouré Society

  • Works with each aspirant to ensure all personal means are utilized to mitigate the loan amount (loan consolidation, asset review, financial counseling, employment, etc.) prior to acceptance into the program
  • Trains each aspirant in biblically-based philanthropy
  • Forms multiple classes of aspirants annually
  • Mentors each aspirant to build a unified team; each individual works toward the collective goal
  • Provides ongoing accountability to ensure proper preparation and completion of personal fundraising plans
  • Equips each aspirant with an online fundraising platform for real-time donation processing, reporting,
    assessment of goals and class interaction, marketing and communications
  • Facilitates ongoing communication and updates between aspirants and donors after formation entrance
  • Manages aspirant award payments while they are in formation
  • Completes award payout after 3 years active formation

Our Aspirants

  • Discern a vocation and are accepted into a diocese or religious community
  • Are blocked from entering or continuing vocational formation due to student loans
  • Apply to Labouré and meet intake requirements
  • Are trained in ethical fundraising – empowered with practical tools, personal mentoring, and accountability
  • Share their vocation stories and participate in building a culture of vocations and evangelization
  • Raise funds for Labouré to benefit many vocations
  • Are awarded monthly payments toward their education loans
  • Receive final award payout after three years and enter freely into a lifetime of service as a priest, sister, or brother



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