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Your Investment in Vocations Helps Restore the Catholic Church

Gifts of Stock

  • A stock gift is a great way to support Laboure and, during this Christmas season, you will be giving the eternal gift of a priest, sister or brother to the Catholic Church. With the performance of the stock market these last two years you may be in a position to leverage that growth and support our mission to rescue Catholic vocations!

    Gifts of stock, mutual funds or bonds offer an easy and tax-efficient way to make a lasting contribution to Labouré. Your gift will help to sustain the mission of Labouré while avoiding capital gain tax and reducing federal income tax.

    In general, when a person sells an appreciated asset, he or she must recognize capital gain on the sale of such property. For example: let’s say you purchased $4000 worth of ABC stock, which is now worth $10,000. If you sold the stock, you would generally be required to pay taxes on the increased value of the stock. If instead you gift the ABC stock to Labouré you will avoid the tax on the increased value of the stock, and also be able to take a charitable deduction of $10,000 on your federal income tax return, saving the money you would have been required to pay in taxes on the $6000 increase in the value of the stock. You would also save in state taxes as well. Essentially you would be making a $10,000 gift to Labouré – one that would “cost” you roughly $4000 to do.

    Please fill out the information below as we will need your contact information to know who gave a gift of stock shares. The information needed to make the gift will be emailed to you after you click the "Submit" button.

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Contact your financial advisor for any questions you have about tax treatment of your stock transfer. Note that Laboure is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations to Laboure are fully tax deductible.

Gifts to Labouré are non-refundable.

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