Sr. Mary Gianna is a graduate of the Labouré program. Through Labouré, Sister resolved her student loan debt and was able to pursue her dream of laying down her life for the Catholic Church. We know that you will enjoy her beautiful story:

Testimony by Sr. Mary Gianna, DLJC

REFLECT – When I was in the third grade, a classmate of mine asked me, “What are you?” She was Mormon and was asking me what faith background I was. I remember thinking, “I don’t know.” I did not even know exactly what this meant. I remember going home from school that day and asking my mother, “What are we?” I did not have an answer to that question until the Advent of 2000, at the most difficult point in my life, when God broke in and shattered my darkness with His light.

Advent is a special time for me because it reminds me of the coming of Jesus into my own life. I came to know His love for me and that I was a child of God. That is when it all began. I am grateful for all God has done for me and my prayer is that He will do the same for you! I pray that this Advent will be a life-changing time of grace for you, and that you also may come to know who you are in Christ Jesus and God’s great plans for you.

SHARE – You may know people who do not know God, as I did. Just as we give Christmas cards and presents, the best gift we can send is Jesus. Share this video with those who need to hear this message today and say a prayer for them to receive the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus.

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