Lov’In Lent:
Lenten Reflections by Heidi Flanagan

Do you ever feel like the Lenten road to Calvary is just a trail of tears and misery that must be suffered through to get to the Hallelujahs of Easter?  However, much is missed if we jump to the end of the story and only read the last chapter of the book.  God has authored an epic spanning thousands of years just for you.  As you embark on this scriptural journey, open your eyes and hearts to the story of a loving Father who chases you through the millennia to show you He loves you and will do and has done everything in His power to set you free. Lent is God’s invitation each year to leave this world behind and journey up His holy mountain.  The journey is long, as any good adventure is.  Over the next 40 days, our faith-filled trek will gain for us the strength to pick up our cross, shoulder to shoulder with Christ, and together boldly claim our seat at the greatest feast this side of heaven.  Lent is not a time to dread!

Lov’In Lent helps us understand more deeply how God, from the beginning of time, has worked to save us and draw us to Himself.  It enables us to approach Easter not with a sigh of relief, but a cry of true joy and appreciation for His victory over sin and death in our lives.  It roots in us more deeply a longing for our Home in Heaven.

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Lov’In Lent is a list of Scriptures to be read for each of the 40 days in Lent, with a corresponding symbol to reflect on or color.  Questions are provided to promote discussion and make you dig a little deeper in your own understanding of God’s love for you.  As you read aloud the Scripture for each day, think about and share how it shows God preparing us for His ultimate gift—our salvation through the death and resurrection of His Son. The discussion questions are labeled as a place to “Begin” or a chance to “Go Deeper”.  Not every question needs to be answered immediately.  Like any great story, dive in and ask the Holy Spirit to be your Guide.You are encouraged to set this time apart and do things differently.  If you are on this journey in a family or discussion group, try having each person use their own Bible, silently reading along while another translation is read aloud, noticing the variations in different translations.  Especially when we have grown familiar with a Scripture passage, comparing Bible translations can deepen our understanding of God’s Word, making it fresh for today.Lov’In Lent is a seasonal primer to the greatest story ever told.  May it enkindle a hunger for God’s Word that grows from forty days to forever. A loving God awaits to share His love with you.

Let your journey begin!
-Heidi Flanagan


heidi flanagan and family“Heidi Flanagan (pictured at right with family) has struggled with ‘Lentiphobia’ for years, and used the blessing of her Theology degree from the Franciscan University of Steubenville to develop Lov’In Lent as tonic.  She has the best husband this side of heaven and 7 miracles she gets to mother and marvel at.  Her favorite things include baby belly laughs and dark chocolate.”

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