Labouré Delivers Tested, Ready, and Debt-free Seminary Candidates

In 2020, nearly every individual hoping to enter formation for the priesthood or religious life does so after incurring substantial student loan debt.
The prospect of repaying tens of thousands of dollars in education debt on a priestly stipend is a heavy burden which can result in vocations being postponed for decades, or lost forever.

Since 2003, Labouré has been helping individuals remove the obstacle of student loan debt so they can pursue their vocation to the priesthood or religious life debt-free.

What’s more, graduates from the Labouré program enter formation with valuable fundraising skills that will serve their parishes and ministries throughout their vocations.

To-date, Labouré has assisted hundreds of individuals into formation.

For more about how Labouré can help your seminary thrive, contact Dorothy at (254) 523-7528 or dorothy.hargrave@labouresociety.org


The Labouré Society is listed in the Official Directory of the Catholic Church.


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Are student loans preventing you from pursuing your vocation? Contact Admissions at 651.212.4977.

Labouré is a fully registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All gifts to Labouré are tax deductible.

Gifts to Labouré are non-refundable.

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