Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you all well! I am about four weeks into my semester here in Denver and am really enjoying being back in Colorado. I had so many opportunities this summer to grow in a deeper love for the Lord. The word seminary is rooted in the Latin word Seminarium, this word means ‘planter bed’. This is so beautiful when we recognize that Jesus has sewn the seeds throughout my life and even during my summer break and I get to come back to school and to really allow them to grow here. This is what it is about to be a seminarian, allow the Lord to grow you as He desires.


Many of the Seminarians of the Diocese of Phoenix join Bishop Olmstead for a beautiful hike just North of Prescott

I am taking a full load this semester. My classes are:

Latin, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Nature and Science, Ethics, Intro to the Theology of St Thomas Aquinas, and Intro to Scriptures.

It’s going to be an interesting year to say the least! It is so good to back in the community of brothers, going home is a great joy. But you build such intentional relationships here that I always miss seeing my friends on a daily basis.

Please know of my continued prayers for all of you. I will continue to bring you before the Lord, in a constant thanksgiving for the generosity you have always shown me.

For the glory of His Sacred Heart,

Jeff Pooley,
Diocese of Phoenix,
Labouré Alum

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