Aspirant Jade Banks, Summer Class of 2016

“Remember the one phrase, ‘Fiat, let it be done.’ If you were called to be a nun or a priest, know that Labouré is here to help you and the Lord clearly brought you here.  One thing Labouré mentions is, it’s not if you are going to [attain your vocation], it’s when… take courage and trust in God.”

Aspirant Emily Schafer, Summer Class of 2016

“Go for it.  It’s a beautiful opportunity, not just to remove the [financial] obstacle, but to really evangelize and build up the culture of vocations in the Church.  It takes us beyond ourselves – it’s not just about us.”

Aspirant Alex Fagan, Summer Class of 2016

“Trust in God. Don’t be afraid. Move forward with the Labouré Society. It will be so much help, and it will give you so much confidence — not just on the fundraising level, but as an evangelization tool as well.”

Aspirant Therese Miller, Summer Class of 2016

“Don’t be afraid. God makes a way where there is no way. I had a great deal of student loans and I said, Lord, I don’t know what to do!  A religious sister and a brother in the community I’m in encouraged me to apply to Labouré because they would help me mitigate my loans and enter [formation]. So, the Lord does really provide what we need [in order to] follow Him.”

Most Reverend Robert E. Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles

“I personally value the process of the Labouré Society which involves those receiving assistance in the fundraising effort. This valuable training will prepare them with skills for the nonprofit and fund raising aspects of a life of service to the Catholic Church. I heartily support the work of the Labouré Society and wish to encourage their founders and members to continue this mission of charity.”


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Sr. Faustina, Winter Class 2016

“Recently our Lord has been inviting me to recall His providence in my life and seeking a greater trust in His providence for the future.  The experience with Laboure always comes to mind as the most tangible and concrete experience of God’s providence and the power of the Holy Spirit’s guidance when facing many obstacles.  For this I am grateful and the fruit continues to reveal itself!”

Fr. Stephen DeLacy, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

“The Labouré Society is really the Church at its best … these men and women are starting their formation by getting the people skills, the business skills, the prudence skills, and the boundaries that need to be in place for successful ministry through this amazing program. And so I thank God every day for the gift of the Labouré Society.”


Bill Duffert, Summer Class of 2015

“Without the continued support and guidance of Labouré my vocation would have been postponed for decades, and possibly lost forever. With Labouré’s help, I was able to resolve six figure student loan debt in 24 months rather than 20 years.”

Sr. Mary Gabriel, The Sisters of Life

“The sobering reality of major debt can often discourage such candidates. Not only does the Labouré Society offer practical means of quickly paying back such debt, but it promises to these women that following the call is indeed possible.”

Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport CT

“These young people desire to be generous with their lives in service to Christ and His Church. We ought to be generous in our efforts to support them.”

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