Dear friends,

Peace in Christ! I apologize that it has taken me so long to send out this update. I hope to make up for it with great news and some pictures. All that God has blessed me with during this time has come about through your helping hands. God has provided that, through each one of you, I am no longer blocked by student loan debt and am fully free to devote my life to God with the Sisters of the Holy Cross!

Helping prepare for the blessing and consecration of St. Gabriel Monastery’s new church bells. When tolled and rung they become instruments of God’s power. Our faith and piety are made stronger when we hear their melodious peals!

Know that you have all been great instruments of God by presenting to Him one more little bride. I would not be standing in the court of my King, my Bridegroom, if it were not for your prayers and generosity. As I thank God for each one of you, I am pleased to think of how His gratitude far exceeds mine and how generous He desires to be in pouring out graces upon you!

I am also happy to tell you that today, on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, the sisters’ titular feast day, I have submitted my request to continue my formation with the Sisters of the Holy Cross as a postulant! Since entering in March I have been living with the community as an aspirant, or a candidate, as I become more acquainted with the life and spirituality of the sisters and they with me. God willing, if I am accepted as a postulant, I will more formally “move in” with the community and further my formation and discernment with the sisters.  And yes, postulants wear a habit! 🙂 It would be light gray without the scapular and veil. Please know of my continued prayers for you and how much all of you mean to me!

Mater Dolorosa, ora pro nobis!

In Christ through Mary,

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