Aspirant Q & A

Q. Who is an ‘Aspirant’?

A. An aspirant is someone who is preparing for entrance to priestly and/or religious life formation, needs help resolving student loan issues, and has been accepted into The Labouré Society’s Aspirancy Process.

Q. Does the aspirant need to be formally accepted by the diocese/community before beginning the aspirancy process?

A. Yes. Often, the aspirant is accepted by the diocese or religious community pending resolution of their loans/debts. This status is acceptable for beginning The Labouré Society’s aspirancy process.

Q. Why do individuals work with the Society instead of trying to raise the funds alone?

A. There are many reasons for this. Notably, as a 501c3 (a non-profit organization) each gift is tax deductible. This is beneficial for our donors in making each charitable dollar go farther. In addition, many donors appreciate the third party accountability that The Labouré Society provides. Not least, aspirants appreciate the expertise and encouragement of our staff and process.

Q. What is the average amount of debt per aspirant?

A. We estimate the average is $60,000. However, there have been many with much more and many with much less. The largest debt we’ve worked with exceeded $300,000. We’ve also helped individuals with a few thousand dollars.

Q. How much time does an aspirant’s Campaign usually take?

A. The usual length of time we work with an aspirant from the pre-requisites to entrance into seminary/religious community is 6 months to one year. We recommend that you contact us at least 9 months prior to your entrance date to begin the process.

Q. My seminary/religious community has a dowry, health insurance, stipend, or other requirement; can you help me with this?

A. Not at this time.

Q. I require assistance with travel expenses, medical/dental expenses, etc.; can you help with this need?

A. Not at this time.

Q. What does an aspirant do for The Labouré Society in return for their services?

A. In addition to dedicating themselves to Jesus Christ and His Church, aspirants promise to pray for The Labouré Society (benefactors, aspirants, staff) forever!

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