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Your Financial Investment in Labouré Will Rescue Catholic Vocations.

For decades, the church has prayed for more vocations. You can be an answer to those prayers. There are 2500 men and women (“aspirants”) in the U.S. currently discerning a vocation to priesthood or religious life. But seminaries and convents are turning them away for only one reason: the aspirants have outstanding student loan debt.

Labouré solves this serious problem for the church by teaching the aspirants an innovative, multi-dimensional, Catholic based fundraising model that enables them to resolve their student loan debt in 6 to 24 months rather than 6 to 24 years! This is the miracle of the Labouré program. You have the power to continually generate that miracle for the aspirants who desperately need it.

Without your financial investment countless vocations will be lost to the church forever. With your investment, you will guarantee the availability of a priest to celebrate Mass, hear a confession or anoint the sick. With your investment you will guarantee the availability of a sister to educate our children and grandchildren, care for the sick and needy, or pray in cloistered communities for the salvation of our souls. Your financial investment will have this powerful impact on the church.

Please join our rescue mission today and be an answer to prayer! 

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